What are People Saying About Deno?

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"'Wow' is all I can say about Deno's presentation! He was right on track with thte message we've been trying to deliver, and his hands-on approach kept everyone involved. His ability to closely connect the points in his seminar to our company made our work and his presentation appear seamless to our agens. 'Wow.'"

- Gregory A. Purvis, Assistant Vice President of Market Development
American United Life Insurance Company

"Deno was the highest rated presenter we have ever had for continuing education in our firm. This is quite a feat given the fact that we have approximately 100 hours per employee per year."

- Anita Sherman, Partner
Greenwalt Sponsel & Co.

"Deno's inspirational presentation was skillfully and persuasively delivered. Our employees have advised us that they not only appreciated having him speak, but also found his comments to be excellent, timely, and motivational. This was the best meeting we've ever had."

- Damon Davis, Chairman of the Board
Howard W. Sams & Company

"Deno's presentation challenged participants to find creative and positive ways to meet their goals. His humor, enthusiasm, and interactive approach were especially effective in holding the audience's attention and creating impact."

- Russell Meyers, Chief Executive Officer
Columbia Bayshore Medical Center

"It was a pleasure sharing Deno's energy and enthusiasm. He prepared and delivered a quality message that greatly exceeded our expectations."

- Julie Adelman, Director of Human Resources
Scott Construction



"His message was not only encouraging and challenging, it was also very humorous and enjoyable. Deno's life is an example of uncompromising Godly values. His own experiences make him easy to understand and relate to. His words brought an added excitement to our people. We were very blessed to have him with us. If you have an opportunity to schedule Deno for your program, you will not be disappointed. His energy, humor, and love for God will make a positive impact among your people."

- Mark, Weatherly, Board of Christian Education
Southmore Church of God

"As business managers, we tend to look at numbers and other support work. We tend to forget that we too are in ministry. Deno brought to light our ministry work and how we should react to it. His servant-service theme will be our guide for the future."

- George Horensky, Executive Director
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

"Deno is such an excellent inspirational communicator. Humor compliments his ability to touch hears with down-to-earth illustrations, and his servant heart is a joy to share in ministry. His life and ministry are deserving of the compliments they evoke from others. Congregations have come to expect excellence from Deno and an exciting, alive work from the Lord. They continue to be blessed by Deno's giftedness."

- D. Dewayne Repass, Associate State Minister
Indiana Ministries of the Church of God, Inc.

"Deno is a very gifted speaker and did an outstanding job with his workshops. His words were very inspiring and full of wisdom. The skills he teaches are very practical and valuable to individuals in all types of ministries and organizations."

- Sylvia Nash, CEO
Christian Management Association

"Because we are a para-church organization, I was very pleased with the foundation of Deno's examples and illustrations based on passages from the Bible. He was very sensitive to our ministry and its goals, and his remarks were on target to stimulate our thinking for the visioning process for our future direction. He did an excellent job and the action items and goals we have set based on Deno's presentation will be crucial for our success."

- Roy W. Cline, President and CEO
Caring Partners International, Inc.



"He is excellent. Deno established rapport with the audience instantly and held their attention until the last moment. He inspired audience participation by raising their comfort level. He is very knowledgeable about both customer service and postal service. The audience accepted him as one of their own."

- Sherrie Kumke, Retail Specialist
United States Postal Service

"Deno really did his homework, relating lessons and information on morale and motivation to the healthcare world. His presentation was very helpful and specific to the challenges we face in our current environment."

- Kathleen McAllen, Director of Continuous Improvement
Bloomington Hospital

"Deno's skillful blending of information, humor, and wit provided just what our managers needed to begin focusing on our future goals while remembering our organization's past. Every single person commented highly on his skills and ability to get a strong, positive message across in an entertaining style."

- Jim Van Dyke, Executive Director
REM Indiana

"We loved sharing in Deno's enthusiasm and energy for life. Over the next few days, I continued to receive phone calls from other districts expressing how much they enjoyed the message and the humorous way he delivered it."

- Maureen Andriole, Staff Development Office
Metropolitan School District of Warren Township

"Deno's knowledge of leadership skills and management played a major role in making our convention one of the best ever. It's nice for a meeting planner like myself to find so much talent in one person. We appreciate him sharing his time, talents, and never-ending enthusiasm with our membership. We will be asking for a repeat performance."

- Stephen L. Stone, Executive Director
Associated Builders & Contractors of Wisconsin, Inc.


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